Pink & Turquoise Dream Catcher

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Pink & Turquoise Dream Catcher

This vibrant dream catcher features pink and turquoise feathers and silvery pearlised beads. Handmade and fairly traded from Bali. Not suitable for outdoor use. Dimensions: Length: (excluding hanging loop): 20 cms Diameter of web: 5 cms Materials: Covered wire, thread, metal/resin beads and dyed feathers. Safety information: This is not a toy and should be only used as an ornament. Hang out of reach of babies and small children.Sourced by Present Company directly from Indonesia on our ethical basis. The Legend of Dream Catchers: We can’t promise you a good night’s sleep, but ancient native American folklore says that if you hang a dream catcher over your bed, good thoughts and dreams will be trapped in the web, whereas the bad ones, frightened by the feathers, will fly away!

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