Ethical Policy


Present Company was established in 1987 with a remit to “do something different”. We have long standing relationships with many suppliers and brands who share our company’s values.

We stock a large range of products that are Fair Trade as well as many others that align with our ethical values. We regularly update our stock with new and exciting items and work with brands that fit with our ethical beliefs.

We work hard to reduce our waste when packaging goods to send to our wonderful customers too, we often use boxes that have either been sent to us or that we have sourced ready to be re-used for your order.

We want to make your buying journey on our website as easy and informed as possible, so we have created some labels to aid you in making your decisions, especially if you’ve found us because you share our values too!



You’ll find that every product that has been sourced and/or designed by us here at Present Company will be at least marked with this Fair-Trade symbol. We started importing our own goods in 2000 and haven’t looked back since. We have maintained some wonderful rewarding relationships with our suppliers in India and Indonesia, and pride ourselves on working with smaller, family owned establishments whose skills have been passed down through generations. For more information regarding our own products and our commitment to our Fair-Trade suppliers click here.

Many other items from other brands on this website are also Fair Trade and will feature our Fair-Trade logo.



You can find our Ethically Sourced logo on many of our Fair-Trade items, but it will also appear on products from brands who have ethically sourced either their ingredients or the materials used during the production process.



You’ll see this symbol on any product that has been produced using 100% recycled materials.




For any product that we stock that has been completely manufactured in the UK, you will see this logo!