Painted and Upcycled 5 Drawer Mahogany Chest

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Painted and Upcycled 5 Drawer Mahogany Chest

Constructed throughout from solid mahogany, this vintage piece of furniture comes from Lombok, Indonesia. It was fairly traded from a village workshop.

Here at Present Company we upcycled and painted this lovely piece with a dry-brushed antiqued finish in shades of teal and darkest holly green/black, the design incorporates a tower of five useful drawers arranged on a scrolling plinth base.

The side panels are decorated with a pair of dramatic, hand-carved dragons with faux-gold leaf highlights to the eyes and claws. The drawer knobs are accented with distressed faux-gold highlights.

Construction: Mahogany


Height: 1 metre

Width, top: 39.5 cms

Depth, top: 40 cms


Drawers, (internal dimensions):

Height: 11.5 cms


Depth: 31 cms