Large Terracotta Mirror

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Large Terracotta Mirror
This large mirror features warm and earthy terracotta tones with faux tortoiseshell highlights, bordered by two rings of plain mirrored tiles. Our mosaic mirrors are hand made in Bali by a family business. Sheets of hand painted glass stand drying in the equatorial heat waiting to be cut into mosaic tiles. A truly craft made product, part of handicraft tradition which enables local people to continue to live close to the land. Present Company visits Indonesia regularly and buys directly from small suppliers on an ethical basis. Dimensions: Diameter: 60 cms Depth: 1 cm Please note: This is a totally handmade product made using simple hand tools. Please expect to find small nicks and scratches in the glass. A sheet of 3mm glass is used for the central mirrored panel and the finished item is mounted on a sheet of strong, black-painted MDF. A sturdy hanging loop is provided on reverse.Please do not hang over a source of heat such as a radiator or fire. Clean only with a barely damp cloth. AVOID SOLVENT OR AEROSOL CLEANING PRODUCTS.