Hand Loomed Kilim Rug Style 28

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Hand Loomed Kilim Rug Style 28
Featuring large diamond motifs surrounded by zig-zags and chevrons, this rug has a bold pattern but has been woven in soft autumnal tones. Acer red and mustard yellow predominate; enhanced with shades of stone, mushroom, aubergine and mossy greens. This traditional ‘Kilim’ has been hand woven and fairly traded from Rajasthan, India; an area known for centuries for the quality of its wool and weaving skills. The combination of jute and woollen fibres makes for a durable and long-lasting product. The word ‘Rajasthan’ means ‘Land of the Kings’. Materials: 70% Jute. 30% Wool. Size: (approx) 120 x 180 cms (4ft x 6ft), excluding fringe. Care information: Take care when placing on pale coloured surfaces as dye transfer may occur. Washing Instructions: Dry clean only.