Gecko Wall Plaque Yellow

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Gecko Wall Plaque Yellow

A colourful, climbing gecko wall plaque, complete with a long swishy tail. Painted in yelllow and over-decorated with a funky flower design. Hand carved and painted in Bali by a small family workshop and sourced direct by Present Company to our ethical values. Carved albesia wood. Albesia is a fast-growing tropical softwood. It is one of the fastest growing trees on the planet – a seedling may exceed 50ft in 10 years. The wood is light, but strong and is easily carved. It has a natural resistance to termites and is used in building construction. In agriculture, albesia trees are used as windbreaks and also to give sun protection to valuable crops and shade for livestock. Ornamental use only – not a toy. Height: 25cm, Width: 12cm, Depth: 1.5cm.