Pink Batik Printed Sarong Gold Bird Detail

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Pink Batik Printed Sarong Gold Bird Detail

Bright candy pink and deep raspberry make perfect colour partners on this batik printed 100% cotton sarong. The sumptuous design features flowers, birds and fish; all richly highlighted with gold metallic print. Fairly traded from Bali. Additional Information: This is a handmade product. Small imperfections to the printed finish are inherent to the handmade process and should not be regarded as substandard. Care instructions: Dry clean or hand wash separately at 30°C using non-biological detergent. Do not soak. Metallic inks will fade with age or after frequent washing. Take care when placing against pale coloured fabrics as some dye transference may occur.

  • Dimensions: Length: 180 cms Width: 110cms. Please note: Dimensions may vary slightly.

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