Elephant Oil Burner Aubergine

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Elephant Oil Burner Aubergine
Elephant Oil Burner Fairly traded from Thailand, these delightful ceramic elephant oil burners are both beautiful and functional. Takes a standard size nightlight - supplied and a bottle of fragrance oil. Supplied with a nightlight and a bottle of fragrance oil of your choice.
Pour water and some fragrance oil into the glazed reservoir of the roomscenter. Place nightlight in lower chamber of roomscenter and light. The flame of the nightlight will heat the water and oil mixture and will begin to emit a fragrance when warm. Ensure that the water and oil mixture is topped us as necessary and extinguish the nightlight when the desired fragrance is reached.

Safety information: Product will become hot with use. Place on a heat-resistant surface. Extinguish flame when desired fragrance is reached. Keep away from pets and small children - never leave a burning candle unattended.

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