Classic Nest Of Three Sheesham Tables

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Classic Nest Of Three  Sheesham  Tables

 This classic nest of tables is useful, practical and good-looking. When not in use, the tables stow neatly away and take up very little space. We have sourced this furniture from a fair trade supplier in Rajasthan, India who uses responsibly and sustainably grown timber. CARE: We would recommend the use of coasters and mats to protect the wood from blooms caused by hot or wet items. Should a spill occur, immediately dry with a cloth. Polish with wax when looking dry. Avoid placing real wood furniture close to heat sources.

Sheesham (Dalbergia) is a fast growing tropical hardwood. Historically known as 'Indian Rosewood' , it has been in great demand for centuries for musical instruments and fine inlay work in furniture. Much loved by wood turners and cabinet makers - it provides them with material in two distinctive colours; rich, dark 'heartwood' and contrasting delicate, pale 'sapwood'. Providing it is managed responsibly, it is one of the most eco-friendly timbers. It will tolerate a wide range of temperatures, soils and also prolonged periods of drought. Saplings make rapid growth; trees respond well to coppicing and the off-cuts make excellent firewood, generating great heat, it is considered the best wood for charcoal making. Sheesham is widely planted as a 'shade tree' ; providing welcome respite to city-dwellers. The trees also give shade protection to livestock and agricultural crops; particularly tea plantations. After teak wood, Sheesham is the most economically important tree of India and Pakistan. It is indigenous to most areas of the Indian sub-continent.

Approximate dimensions of largest table - Height: 46cm, Width: 45cm, depth: 30cm. Medium Table - Height: 38cm, width: 35cm, depth: 27cm. Small Table - Height: 30cm, width: 25cm, depth: 23.5cm. (Please be aware this is a totally handmade product, dimensions may vary slightly).</p>.