We have a beautiful range of ceramic items including door knobs and light pulls. Perfect for those finishing touches.

Ceramic Light Pull


Ceramic Tealight Holder


Colourful Hand Painted Ceramic Jug


Elephant Hanging Decoration


Elephant Shaped Doorknob


Four Drawer Ceramic Spice Chest


Hand Painted Blue Doorknob


Hand Painted Ceramic Sugar Bowl


Hand Painted Red Doorknob


Hand Painted Teal Doorknob


Hand Painted Yellow Doorknob


Large Hand Painted Ceramic Bowl


Large Hand Painted Ceramic Mug


Nine Drawer Ceramic Spice Chest


Orange Elephant Shaped Doorknob


Pumpkin and Round-Shaped Doorknob


Pumpkin-shaped Doorknob


Red Elephant Shaped Doorknob


Round-shaped Doorknob


Set of Four Hand Painted Ceramic Spice Jars


Set of Four Hand Painted Colourful Ceramic Bowls


Set of Four Hand Painted Colourful Ceramic Coasters


Six Drawer Ceramic Spice Chest


Sixteen Drawer Ceramic Spice Chest


Teal Elephant Shaped Doorknob


Turquoise Elephant Shaped Doorknob