Three Drawer Sheesham Cylinder Chest

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Three Drawer Sheesham Cylinder Chest


Made from 100% Sheesham wood, this unusal and cleverly shaped cylinder cabinet will provide useful storage in a compact space. Featuring three good-sized drawers with curved fronts and handmade metal ring handles. Makes a perfect bedside or bathroom cabinet - or looks fabulous as a lamp table, positioned at the end of a sofa. We have sourced this furniture from a fair trade supplier in Rajasthan, India who uses responsibly and sustainably grown timber. CARE: We recommend the use of coasters and mats to protect the wood from blooms caused by hot or wet items. Should a spill occur, dry immediately with a soft cloth. Polish with wax when looking dry. We recommend and sell John Mylands wax. Avoid placing real wood furniture close to heat sources. SHEESHAM WOOD Sheesham (Dalbergia) is a fast growing tropical hardwood. Historically known as 'Indian Rosewood', it has been in great demand for centuries for musical instruments and fine inlay work in furniture. Much loved by wood turners and cabinet makers - it provides them with material in two distinctive colours; rich, dark 'heartwood' and contrasting delicate, pale 'sapwood'. Providing it is managed responsibly, it is one of the most eco-friendly timbers. It will tolerate a wide range of temperatures, soils and also prolonged periods of drought. Saplings make rapid growth; trees respond well to coppicing and the off-cuts make excellent firewood, generating great heat, it is considered the best wood for charcoal making. Sheesham is widely planted as a 'shade tree' ; providing welcome respite to city-dwellers. The trees also give shade protection to livestock and agricultural crops; particularly tea plantations. After teak wood, Sheesham is the most economically important tree of India and Pakistan. It is indigenous to most areas of the Indian sub-continent.

Height 50cm

Diameter 45cm