Set of 2 Hand Painted Bright Bedside Cabinets

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Set of 2 Hand Painted Bright Bedside Cabinets

A set of two of our beautifully hand painted bedside cabinets! These would also look beautiful dotted around your home in practical spaces as a gorgeous pop of colour!

Brilliant, bold and practical - this bedside unit features a useful cupboard with a fixed shelf and drawer above finished with simple painted 'O' ring metal handles and a wooden door catch. Quirky and unusual - our painted Indian furniture is totally handmade and decorated in Rajasthan by skilled artisans, often working in family groups. Family elders hand down their knowledge, ensuring these traditional, centuries-old skills are not lost. The furniture is colour washed in bold colours. The freehand intricate decoration ensures no two pieces are ever identical. Further information: These cabinets are antiqued and distressed to give them the appearance of age and wear. Areas of natural grain appearing through the painted finish and 'scuffing' to the surface are intentional and should not be regarded as imperfections. Do not use spray polishes or furniture wax - dust using a soft, dry cloth only. This cabinet is designed with a right hand opening: the hinges on right side and door handle on the left side. In other words, if using as a bedside cabinet, this right hand cabinet is intended to be used on the right hand side of the bed as seen when standing at the foot of the bed. Care: Should a spill occur wipe wood immediately with a dry cloth only. Do not use silicone spray cleaners or other wax polish this may damage the painted drawers. Height: 65cm, Width: 45cm, Depth: 35cm.