Set of 2 Hand Painted Bedside Cabinets Floral Design

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Set of 2 Hand Painted Bedside Cabinets Floral Design

Buy two of our beautiful three drawer cabinets that have been lovingly hand painted with a fabulous floral pattern.

These useful chest of drawers would make a great bedside unit or lamp table. The painted drawer fronts are hand decorated with traditional Indian flower and foliage motifs in vibrant colours. Neatly finished with plain brass drawer knobs, the drawers also have ‘stops’ fitted to the back - a safety feature which prevents the drawers from falling forwards. The top, side panels, legs and framing are made of mango wood which has been gently waxed to show off the grain. Hand made and fairly traded from Rajasthan, India.

Dimensions: Height: 60 cms Length: 44 cms   Depth: 32 cms

Construction: Cabinet top, sides and framework: Mango wood. Back panel: Hardboard. Drawers: Painted MDF and hardboard. Drawer knobs: Brass. Further information: Manufactured from sustainable mango wood and particle board. These rustic chest of drawers are made in simple workshops in India. Hand made and painted and not mass produced, please expect to find to find blemishes and undulations. Mango wood is strong , please expect to find natural variations in the grain colour which is sometimes black or even yellow. Areas of natural grain appearing through the painted finish and 'scuffing? to the surface are generic to this type of furniture and should not be regarded as imperfections. Use coasters or mats to protect surfaces from heat/water damage and mop up any spills immediately. Do not use spray polishes or furniture wax '­ dust using a soft, dry cloth only.