Pair of Mittens with Embroidered Flowers Chocolate Brown

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Pair of Mittens with Embroidered Flowers Chocolate Brown

A beautiful pair of woolen mittens that feature a wonderful hand embroidered floral pattern and teal accents.

The wool that is used to make these hand warmers goes through many processes and is then spun to make the type of yarn required by the skilled artisans who then make them.

This knitwear is produced in Kathmandu. All the garments are hand knitted from 100% wool which is imported from New Zealand. Wool is a fantastic eco-friendly by-product from sheep, a natural, sustainable and renewable textile. Many of the artisan knitters are home-workers, producing the garments while running their homes and looking after their families.

Care Instructions: Handwash seperately in cold water or dry clean only. Do not bleach. Warm iron only.

Dimensions: H27 x W14cm.

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