Old India Trunk With Brass Strapwork

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Old India Trunk With Brass Strapwork

Made from double-thickness teak that has a wonderfully aged patina, this old trunk retains its original brass strapwork and corner bracings, along with a decorative brass hasp and eye closure. It would make a fabulous blanket box or coffee table and the plain interior gives plenty of scope for storage. At some point during its long life, a hardwood strengthening baton has been fitted to the underside of the lid, but this does not detract from the overall look. A wooden lid restraint is fitted to the back panel. The trunk sits on simple sledge feet which are probably not original and the lid has been fitted with a (modern) chain restraint. Overall, the trunk is in remarkably good condition. There is some ‘nibbling’ to the lid edges, consistent with historic wear and tear. All surfaces, particularly the lid, are pitted and scuffed, with areas of heavy scratching and some watermarks - these are purely cosmetic and do not affect the strength or usability of this fine old piece of furniture.


Height: 53 cms

Width: 66 cms

Depth: 48 cms. Depth, (including lid restraint): 51.5 cms

We are delighted to introduce our 'Old India' range of furniture; heritage, handmade items that you will not find anywhere else. Many of the items shown are historic pieces of furniture; others have been recently manufactured using old timber components from various sources; i.e.: floorboards, carved architraves and window shutters. Regardless of their make-up, each piece of furniture is made from genuinely old materials. This is surely the best form of re-cycling; giving discarded items a new lease of life and is a wonderful opportunity to purchase a genuine piece of 'Old India'. Each item is unique – no two pieces are ever the same – the item pictured on our website is the exact item you will receive. Expect to find knocks, dents and 'imperfections'. We believe this adds character to the pieces and we do not regard such 'imperfections' as 'faulty' - merely the sort of wear and tear that is to be expected with age. The items are fully and fairly described; we give special mention if pieces are especially worn, damaged - or where decorative details are missing. Each item of 'Old India' furniture is personally selected by us and our supplier is certified and accredited under the Indian government's export regulations. Further information: 'Old India' furniture is manufactured from a variety of woods. We endeavour to identify the type(s) of wood contained within each item, but this is not always possible. Do not place your furniture in bright sunlight or near to a heat source, i.e.: close to a radiator. In highly centrally-heated rooms, some slight cracking and settling of the wood may occur - this will not affect the integral strength of the piece. Use protective mats/coasters to guard against damage from heat and damp – mop up any spillages immediately using a dry cloth. Dust using a soft cloth and polish occasionally using a traditional paste or wax polish. We recommend and sell John Mylands wax. We do not recommend the use of aerosol-type sprays.''

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