Multi Diamond Handloom Cotton Throw

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Multi  Diamond Handloom Cotton Throw

Coloured stripes of diamond patterned cotton rich fabric and tie dye acrylic threads produce a throw of vibrancy and a mood lifting design. Functional and inspiring, bring life to a room with its cheerful nature and feel the embrace of warmth. Finished in tactile neutral fringing and available in 2 sizes; the large variety being a good size for a standard sofa or bed cover.

Size: 125 x 180cm

90% Cotton, 10% Acrylic

Hand Crafted In India

Care Instructions: Spot Clean or Dry Clean Only

Supplier Information:

A small/medium sized enterprise established with the goal of growing distribution capacities of top quality, traditionally crafted woven goods. Founded in 2014, their position in national and international markets provides reliable income for a network of experienced, skilled workers. All have a passion for sustaining the handwoven heritage of India.

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