Lime Fabric Twist Lamp

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Lime Fabric Twist Lamp
This beautiful lamp is handmade in Bali and creates a soft, ambient glow. The lamp is handcrafted from a variety of materials; environmentally friendly coconut leaf fibres and fabric, surrounding a metal frame. Now available in three colours. Present Company visits Indonesia regularly and buys directly from small suppliers on an ethical basis. Supplied complete with 2 metres of black electrical cable, inline rocker switch, a three pin plug and a standard 22mm bayonet cap lamp holder. All electrical components are fitted in the UK and comply with BS EN 61184; 1195 (BS 5742) regulations. A 12w energy-saver bulb is recommended (not included). Further information:When fitting or changing the light bulb please gently hold and support the metal bracket from underneath which houses the light fitting to avoid bending or breaking. For indoor use only. We recommend the use of energy-saving lamps - If an incandescent bulb is used then the maximum wattage must not exceed 25w maximum.