Incense Sticks - LEMON GRASS

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Incense Sticks - LEMON GRASS

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Lemon Grass is traditionally used to enhance mental clarity, relieving emotional fatigue and restoring a sense of calm to mental well being. The perfect choice to during meditation because of its stimulating effect on self-awareness. The fragrance is sweet and lively, with top notes of strong citrus that create an exciting scent that is full of life and energy. Each pack contains 20 sticks that have an approximate burn time of 25 minutes. These incense sticks are made with only natural ingredients, hand blended and hand rolled from resins, pure essential oils, floral perfumes and a delicate blend of scented flowers, leaves, charcoal and wood powders. No dipping! This age-old Balinese method avoids the use of chemicals, and creates a light, clean burning incense that creates a minimum amount of smoke and slowly spreads a gentle aroma. Place the incense stick in a suitable holder to catch the ash. Light the tip of an incense stick. After a few seconds blow out the flame. The incense stick will now smoke gently releasing its fragrance. CAUTION: Keep away from children, animals and away from flammable materials such as curtains. Never leave burning incense unattended. Not for consumption. Non toxic.

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