In 1979, the first order that Shane, owner of Transomnia ever placed comprised five wicker baskets full of painted papier-mache items from a gentleman in the Kashmir valley who, no doubt, viewed his far-off-the-tourist-track hippie visitor with astonishment. Happily, all turned out well and a personal and business relationship was born which continues to this day - Transomnia still buys from the (son of) this original supplier. After a spell hawking his wares around various ‘ethnic’ London shops, Shane branched out, taking on a stall at Camden Market. Further expansions saw Transomnia move into a warehouse in Brixton and thus onto their current, larger premises in Kent.

Since those early ethnic days, the range of Transomnia’s products has expanded greatly. They have suppliers in many countries, including the Philippines, Thailand and most regions of India. Although many products still have a traditional feel, a small in-house team is kept busy, responding to new trends and designing fashionable products for contemporary homes. Transomnia is committed to forming long-standing and fair relationships with its suppliers. This helps assure long-term financial security, thus enabling suppliers to confidently plan for the future.