‘Tin Treasures’

Made to an exacting process with a skill and attention lacking in some of today’s mass produced plastic toys. Every Tin Treasure starts as a flat sheet of metal which is printed, cut and then passed through numerous tooling processes before being assembled by hand.

Being a very labour-intensive process, tin toy production was quickly abandoned when plastic moulding was developed. Most manufacturers moved into other areas of production, leaving just a handful of factories in the world still capable of making these traditional toys. Our Tin Treasures are manufactured in India in one of the few factories that still have a workforce skilled in this ‘old fashioned’ art. As well as being beautiful novelties, these Tin Treasures are sure to become collector’s pieces.

Safety information: Warning! ‘Tin Treasures’ are not toys and are not suitable for children. They are designed to be nostalgic replica products for adult collectors only. They do not comply with current toy safety legislation.


Jolly Bruno Dog


Overland Express Train


Whistling Bird